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06.07.2017 Поступление товара - Отцепы SOS Уважаемые покупатели! В магазин Kaida Fish поступил в продажу новый товар - отцепы SOS весом от 40 грамм, цена 248 рублей. 28.06.2017 Поступление товара - набор сигнализаторов поклевки KDF LS-04 (3+1) Уважаемые покупатели! В магазин Kaida Fish в продажу поступил новый товар - набор электронных сигнализаторов поклевки KDF LS-04 (3+1), цена 2900 рублей. 23.06.2017 Поступление товара - Плетеный шнур Fox Line Уважаемые покупатели! В магазин Kaida Fish в продажу поступил новый товар - плетеный шнур Fox Line, цена 300 рублей. Все новости

Эхолот Lowrance Broadband Sounder

For over four decades, Lowrance Sound Company has been the leading name in quality multimedia integration.

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  • As a family-run company located in Tennessee, we specialize in the fields of audiovideolighting and acoustics. Lowrance Sound Company works on projects large and small with dedication to ensuring the job is done completely and accurately. No matter how grand the stadiums are that we have serviced, or how new and innovative our equipment is, we believe that the customer should trust in us; they should know we will be there to answer their call at night. At Lowrance Sound Company, we think our family-run mentality allows us to provide a greater level of service than corporate operations, where you can never tell who it is you are talking to and whether or not they care. With us, our customers know exactly where we stand.

    Lowrance Fishfinder / Echo Sounders

    We do not have shareholders or committees to report to — only ourselves and, of course, our customers. We do our best to maintain a sense of team, and use our collaborative approach to provide each client with the best service possible. Lowrance Sound Company is a family company through and through, and that helps enable us to do such a thorough job during even the most technically intricate projects. Our skills are very diverse, meaning that we can handle a wide variety of projects. We have also performed many services for different university departments, including athletics, theater, music and physical plant departments. We have also worked with similar departments for K schools, as well.

    lowrance sounder

    We also offer a variety of residential services, including home audio, video and lighting control systems installation. Lowrance Sound Company also does general audio, video and lighting for any manager or staff in need of a reputable contractor or integrator. Although some of this may sound high tech, we have also taken on jobs that simply require us to provide people with a microphone and a cable.

    lowrance sounder

    Have a unique need or very specific project in mind. Give us a call to discuss your job and let us determine the best approach to meet your goals.

    Sonarhub Sounder

    Lowrance Sound Company is equipped to properly service all types of facilities ranging from very large, ,plus seat arenas to your very own home. There is no project that we cannot handle. We have been around for more than four decades, and we have seen and done it all.

    lowrance sounder

    We firmly believe that with one call to Lowrance Sound Company, you can have it all. Large or small, our knowledge and expertise with professional audio, video and lighting services will help make your Tennessee project complete, and we look forward to serving each and every one of our clients for the next four decades. If you are in need of any audiovideolightingor acoustic services, we are available to take on the job. To learn more or to request a consultation, call us today at .

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    Заказ и консультации

    +7 (495) 278-08-87

    +7 (926) 721-53-53
    (м. Алексеевская)

    +7 (925) 385-02-55
    (м. Беговая)

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